2015 CFA Health Challenge Results

24 of CFA's hard working athletes and 4 of it's coaches just completed the 2015 Fall Health Challenge. To say it was a HUGE success would be a monstrous understatement. Every single person that took part made some sort of improvement. Here are some astounding stats of what can be done in 6 weeks with a little hard work and will power.

Our overall winners Vipin and Carrie!!!

Our overall winners Vipin and Carrie!!!


As a group the 24 participants lost a total of 122 inches! That's over 5 inches per person. 

They gained 45.45 pounds of muscle or nearly 2 pounds per person. Muscle is incredibly difficult to acquire so this is mighty impressive.

They had an average 9.81% reduction in body fat per person. 

The Coaches couldn't be more proud of all of the athletes that took this challenge on. Lots was learned and good habits were formed. Look out for our next Challenge to be Started in early January of 2015.... 

Now for the Winners


1st Place
Team L- Eric, Kali, Vipin, Jamie, Tim and Erika

2nd Place
Team Dan- Kevin, Carrie, Doug, Amber, Kerri and Brandon

Overall Winners

Vipin Reddy

Carrie Mata