Hi again everyone!....


Hi again everyone!

Make sure you show up for 18.5, there will be Food and Drinks Sponsored by Dr's Jason and Eric. Thank you to Active Chiropractic and Corrective Chiropractic for giving back to the CFA community and helping to make the end of the OPEN a night to remember/

We're approaching the end!! I hope everyone has been enjoying the challenge and getting to see how far you've come since the 2017 OPEN or getting the chance to benchmark your current performance. Either way, we coaches are super proud of everyone for pushing their limits and really setting the stage for a rest of 2018! The best part of the OPEN (other than seeing everyone cheer for each other and the general family attitude of this great gym) is coming out of it with a goal for the rest of the year and a plan to achieve that goal!So, here's how we stand with 1 week left:

Team Kali = 683 points
Team Jenn = 699 points

It's been a tight race the whole time and 16 points certainly isn't insurmountable! Gonna need full attendance from Team Kali in their Team RED colors this week to catch back up. I'm sure Jenn will be rallying her team to prevent any late season upset. Should set up for a fun, loud, and exciting final week! The championship belt will be handed out to the winning team Friday night so make every effort to attend.Looking at 18.4, here's how the divisions shook out:

Rx Men

1st Place = Jason Pease
2nd Place = Randy Johnson
3rd Place.= Mike McShane

Rx Women

1st Place = Kat Pirri
2nd Place = Sherrie Horton
3rd Place = Val Cote

Scaled Men

1st Place = Mike Kummer
2nd Place = Daryl Sistrunk
3rd Place = Jeff Gibbs

Scaled Women

1st Place = Michelle Krause
2nd Place = Anusha Reddy
3rd Place = Kelli Munkel

Special shoutout this week goes to Carrie Mata for getting her first no-abmat HSPU! Lots of hard work has gone into that movement and she busted out 2 of them just to show the first wasn't a fluke!Additional shoutout to the 4 male athletes that did at least 1 of those terribly heavy 315lb deadlifts after completing Diane: Jason Pease, Dan Rogers, Zac Cote, and Charles Tucker. That's no easy feat!

Super proud of everyone through these 4 weeks. One more week to endure a horrible Dave Castro test so let's show how strong CFA is! Again, the theme this week is team colors so Team Kali needs to show up in their RED while Team Jenn shows up in their BLACK. Let's rep those CFA colors and have a great final week!

Coach Dan