CFA Health Challenge a Success!

Fitness challenges are a great way to jump-start our health and fitness.  This is the perfect time to learn more about our nutrition and set achievable, sustainable goals for ourselves.  During these challenges are when we are held most accountable for our actions.  It is not as easy to cheat on our diet and workouts when we have other team members or opponents tracking our progress.  Most participants see exciting results at the conclusion of the challenge but is important to keep in mind that the main objective of any fitness challenge is to apply what we have learned to develop sustainable habits that will lead to a prolonged, healthier lifestyle.  Don’t make the mistake of falling back into bad eating habits and reversing all of the great results simply because you aren’t being held accountable.  

Coach Christina Showing of them GAINZ!!!!

Coach Christina Showing of them GAINZ!!!!


Thanks to the CFA Health and Fitness Challenge, the biggest change I have made is the use of the MyFitnessPal app.  Using this app to track my macronutrient intake and aim to hit my “macro” goals each day has caused me to look at food in a completely different way.  I now appreciate food as a means of fueling my body; understanding this helps me to make wiser food choices.  I used to believe the misconception that “eating more will make you gain weight.” However, eating more of the right foods in the correct ratios will actually help you to build muscle, lose fat, and perform better in the gym.   Eating too little food isn’t going to help you get the results you are looking for!


Initially, I was a bit hesitant and reluctant to use MyFitnessPal because it seemed time-consuming.  However, after several failed diets and not getting anywhere with my “If I eat less I will lose weight” misconception, I knew I had to try something else.  That was when I was introduced to macronutrient tracking.  I am now a firm believer in this system and recommend it to anyone who is willing to take the time to improve their diet and health.  It does take some diligence and getting used to but the results speak for themselves.  It is crazy what happens when you keep track of the food you put into your body!!

Coach Christina