C's of Fitness SuCCess

Commitment- Have a goal, and stick to it. Whether that be showing up 3 times a week or hitting your macro goal 7-days a week. The goal is not important, but once you create a goal, be unwavering in pursuing it. Successful people do not give 50% effort and expect 100% results. In fact, they give 150% effort to achieve close to 100% results. People who are continually stuck in a rut and do not end up as fit as they want are always starting and stopping… Stop stopping! Commit and revel in the fact that you are one step closer to your goal!

Our Community keeps you WANTING to come back!

Our Community keeps you WANTING to come back!

Coaching- Seek out people who know more than you do, and LISTEN to them. People are experts in their field for a reason. Ask your coach questions, and when they give you answers, listen and apply them. If you are a coachable athlete, you’ll be amazed at the things you start to learn. Second guessing your coaches just puts you in no-man's-land where you have no idea where to go next. Pick a Coach you trust, and follow what they say!

Consistency- Consistency is probably the biggest downfall for most folks who can’t seem to find their optimal fitness. Rome wasn’t built overnight and neither was the fitness of any athlete you admire. Years of hard work went into creating that fitness. There are days that your hero wants to sleep in or just wants to go home after a long day, but the difference is they DO NOT DO IT! They Ranger up and head into the gym to improve themselves. Consistently showing up to the gym and putting in hard work will make better even on your worst day .


Community- Find a gym where you feel at home. Nobody can succeed in an environment where they do not feel loved. Wanting to come to the gym is half the battle. If you find a place that welcomes you with open arms, never leave that community! Forging relationships with people you sweat with is incredible. As humans age, they tend to close off their peer groups. You may meet the occasional new person at work, but new friends come very infrequently. At a CrossFit gym, you’ll find a new community of like-minded individuals. New relationships enrich people's lives and keep you coming back for more!


CrossFit- Do CrossFit! I have yet to find another program, when implemented correctly, that creates real world fitness. Are there sports specific programs that will get you to a specific goal faster? Absolutely! Is there a program out there that can get you generally fit and healthy faster or better? No, not that I’ve seen. Invest in yourself; invest in your health! We get one body, and the best way to keep it out of the shop is to subject it to constantly varied, functional movement at a high intensity… that is the definition of CrossFit.


Competition- Compete every day! Compete against others, but primarily, compete against yourself. The best way to get better is to push against YOU! Comparing yourself to others can be hard because everyone brings a different set of tools to the table. A person may have better or worse genetics, be more or less strong, be more or less flexible than the others they compete against. The true competition is pushing past your limits. When you learn to compete against yourself, you will see results.


Capacity- Gain capacity in all aspects of what we do. Get more strength, endurance, flexibility, mobility, speed, power, etc. Increase your capacity, and your fitness will improve as a result. If you can squat more, run faster, and do more pull-ups than you did 6 months ago, congratulations- you’ve increased your capacity! Capacity is key when measuring your fitness journey. Add more or upgrade tools in the toolbox we call fitness!