Flexible Dieting... A Day In The Life Of Coach Justin

I figured I would introduce you to the concept of flexible dieting in the easiest way possible. By showing you a typical day of eating for me. I have included photos. What I would love for you to see is that with some planning it is extremely easy to hit your macro-nutrient goals. My food choices are far from perfect but I would be willing to bet that I am getting adequate numbers of micro nutrients as well. I am eating actual meals and not just a bunch of random foods pasted together. Here we go! 


I eat this breakfast almost every day. I never feel hungry after it and the pb and j sates my sweet tooth. I use more egg whites to keep the fats down. I get a limited number of fats each day so I try not to waste them on breakfast. There is nothing worse than getting to dinner and having no fats left! Bacon is not your friend during this meal. 


Pre-Workout Meal 

This meal comes 2 hours before I train and about 2.5 hours after breakfast. The goal here is to give my body easy to digest carbohydrates and protein with as little fat as possible. I want my stomach to be as empty as possible leading into training so i don't feel groggy or worse yet vomit up all my gains. 


This meal has a similar goal as the pre-workout meal. I am trying to get some protein in that will be quickly broken down by the body and turned into new muscle. I am also trying to refill the glycogen that I used during the workout. Very simple carbohydrate and fast digesting protein via rice krispies treats and Formulx.



Lunch comes 1-1.5 hours after my post-workout meal. I eat a whole food meal here. Currently I am using Fresh Meal Plan as my meal prep provider. Using a meal prep service allows me to save time and energy. My meals are always at hand and I don't have an excuse to grab something on the go that wouldn't fit into my diet plan. This sandwich was fantastic!!!


Dinner comes 3-4 hours after lunch. This is a whole food meal for me as well. Fresh meal plan keeps me on track here too! I have found that the mantra of eating small meals every 2-3 hours to not be true. I believe this is an old trainers tale created to keep people from gorging themselves on 3 meals a day. This rope vieja was fantastic! Even better than it looked if you can believe that. 


This meal is built to fill in the gaps from the day. Tonight I was low on protein and a bit of fat and carbohydrate. During this meal I eat anything I want that fits the macros I have remaining. I find this helps me feel like I get a treat to end the day. Some folks could use this as an excuse to go off the rails but for me, it's pretty easy not to. Yes, that is the smallest bowl of cereal ever!!!

As you can see flexible eating is fairly straight forward and simple. My meals are far from perfect and could include a bit more whole food sources. I am learning and growing on this front each day. Anyone that takes the time to eat in this way will reap the rewards of fat loss and muscle growth. I hope this post gives you a bit of insight on how I eat each day. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to me! 

Coach Justin