Form or Intensity?

Let's chat a bit about a heated topic when it comes to CrossFit. Which is more important:  perfect form or performing the workout as fast as possible? In our opinion, the answer is both! Well, sort of. We are all capable of moving through the movements that CrossFit Alpharetta presents with near flawless technique. In order to do that, however, we must slow down which lowers our relative intensity. Intensity is the key ingredient in making us fitter. We are also all capable of sprinting through a workout like a leopard in the sub-Saharan Africa looking for his next meal with no thoughts of the consequences. Which is better?

Dr. Pease pushing his limits with a 50 lb Wall Ball.

Dr. Pease pushing his limits with a 50 lb Wall Ball.

Let's talk about safety a bit. While we will always preach "perfect" or "near perfect form" at our gym, there is an acceptable amount of deviation that can keep you safe while allowing for increased speed or load. In turn, the intensity increases. Finding that variation while pushing the envelope on speed or load of the movement is the golden ticket to success! The job of our coaching staff is to push you to the brink of that deviation. When we see you toeing that line of safety, that is when we will pull you back!

Take a look at The Games level athlete. They can look like perfection under a microscope, but when they start to become tired or need to speed up for any reason, it looks like the wheels fall off. That can be acceptable up to a point. Athletes who are coached know well where that point is. Walking that tight rope is where the real magic happens. Just make sure you're in the right gym surrounded by intelligent coaches who act as your safety net. Our number one goal is to keep you safe, healthy, improving, and coming back for more!

Form or Intensity???  A correct combination of both is what we need for success!