Giving YOUR Best

What does it mean to "do your best?" My Mother always told me to "do my best" at whatever task was at hand whether that be studying for a math test, playing a soccer game against our biggest rivals, writing a paper in college, calling clients for a job, etc. She said, "No matter what you're doing, do it so you know you have nothing left to give." I believed and trusted her guidance throughout my childhood growth and followed that advice through college and even now as a coach and athlete.

Coach L isn't afraid to give her all and try new things! 

Coach L isn't afraid to give her all and try new things! 

Where did the disconnect begin when you think that your best isn't good enough? Are you comparing your best to someone else's best?  Why are you questioning your best? Do you think that your best is only a half-assed best? So. Many. Questions.

JournalMenu said it well, “[don’t feel] As if your best somehow needs an apology because it isn't at firebreather level. As it if means your best isn't really a big deal. Don't sit there and reduce your accomplishments to a 'just.'"

When it comes to working out, everyone has different goals. Often, we find that we are our own worst competition- we talk ourselves out of a certain movement that we see as impossible or cannot do simply because we cannot see ourselves "RX-ing" that movement. Even when you try hard, we may fail our expectations. What if you try and you succeed? Either way... Are you giving it your best? If you have just made a lift you've never made before, why are you NOT celebrating? You haven't done that before- your best was better than your last! When you push your limits and feel you have nothing left, you are doing your best.

Miranda Oldroyd is one of my favorite athletes. She found CrossFit in 2007, and she hasn't turned back since. Her words of wisdom resonates with athletes of all types saying, "I want to find out what my athletic potential is. It’s not about beating anyone else, it’s about REALLY finding out what I can do." (Station 717- Celebrity Beyond the Athlete:  Miranda Oldroyd)

One of the workouts of the 2008 CrossFit Games was a deadlift-burpee workout in which Miranda (first time at The Games) completed in 5:26. That was the best she could do, and that was all she could have asked for. Fast forward to 2016, and Miranda repeated the same deadlift-burpee workout, completing it in 2:53. This. This was the best she could do. She left everything out on the floor. Do you think she reduced her accomplishments? Then, why do you? Training your brain is just as important as training your body. Stop questioning and minimizing your accomplishments. Celebrate doing YOUR best when the best is what you can give. I challenge you to give it your all so when you walk out that door, you have the confidence of knowing you did your best. Was that 55# thruster the best you could do? Was that one  successful double under the best you had? If it was you’ve succeeded!


I'll leave you with these:
"Believe and act as if it were impossible to fail."
"Always do your best. What you plant now, you will harvest later." - Og Mandino

Coach L