Meal Prep For Success

Finding the time to cook three well balanced meals each day can prove to be quite difficult.  This can lead to bad habits, such as grabbing fast food or skipping meals altogether.  Both of these habits will wreak havoc on fitness and health goal progress.  

One helpful technique to stay on track with consuming well balanced meals is weekly meal prep.  Designate one day each week, such as a Sunday, and prepare food for the rest of the week.  Lots of food can be prepared in one day and then portioned out into individual meals.  These previously-portioned meals are easy to grab and go instead of having to think about what to prepare each day.  Get creative with your meals by including grilling, baking, sautéing, steaming, etc.  Some foods, such as marinated chicken breast, seasoned veggies, etc, can be grilled or baked and then frozen.  These foods can then be defrosted the day they will be eaten.  Other foods that can be prepared and kept in the refrigerator to be grabbed quickly throughout the week include hardboiled eggs, portioned out raw fresh veggies (carrots, celery, broccoli), egg muffins (*see recipe below), homemade banana nut bread, etc.

Breakfast is simple to make ahead of time!

Breakfast is simple to make ahead of time!

Other meal-prep ideas include buying low-fat ground turkey and forming your own turkey burgers to be quickly grilled for lunch or dinner.  The use of a crock pot is a meal prep’s best friend!  Grab a bunch of veggies, meat and flavorings and dump them all into the crock pot.  In a few hours, you have a whole pot of food that can be portioned out for the week.  If you are the type of person, like most of us, who don’t want to eat the same thing for dinner and lunch every day, freeze most of it for another week!

You will get the hang of it quickly and will definitely thank yourself during the week that you took the time to meal prep!  ;)

*Egg muffins: combine whole eggs and desired veggies into a bowl, grease muffin cups with coconut oil, fill greased muffin cups ~3/4 of the way with egg mixture, bake at 3750F for 25-30 minutes. Each egg makes ~1 egg muffin.

Coach Christina