CFA Healthy Eating Challenge v2.0

It's time for the CFA Healthy Eating Challenge 2015 v2.0! Summer is over, and it's time to lose that vacation weight and get in shape before those dreaded holiday meals start. 

When:  Monday, August 31st- Sunday, October 11th 

Cost:  $75 per participant and $25 for each of the two dunks (to be paid directly to the dunk truck operator)

Dunk Truck will be at CFA Tuesday, September 1st in the evening. Look for the sign-up sheet near the whiteboard. Measurements will also take place on this date. 

What:  The Challenge will last for 6 weeks, and you will be scored in 4 Categories:  Gym Attendance, Bodyfat % lost, Total Inches Lost, Lean Muscle Gained. 

Members opting to do the challenge will be allowed to attend unlimited classes during the challenge. There are NO EXCUSES for inability to gain attendance points as video submissions of workouts are acceptable as well! 

We will have larger teams than last time- having a member who does not "pull his or her weight" will not be as much of a factor. You will also have a coach as a team captain whose stats will count towards your score! 

Attendance points will be accumulated as follows:  1 point for the first 4 days of attendance and a 2 point bonus for a 5th day. There is no extra credit for a 6th or 7th day. 

There will be some fun bonus point opportunities as well. If you don't have Facebook, you'll need to get it as these will be announced in our CFA Health Challenge Forum. 

Fresh-N-Fit Cuisines have offered a 5% discount for a 1-week food order or 10% for a 4-week plan. Coach L and I have been eating these meals for a few weeks now. They are calorically balanced and delicious! The meals will be available for pickup in the gym after labor day.

Fresh-N-Fit Cuisine

Coaches will be available for help! Ask questions you have on how to eat well. The goal is not to have a crash diet, lose muscle and then, put all the weight back on as soon as you're finished. What we want is for you to learn how to eat a balanced diet and change your life forever! 

This should be a lot of fun, just like it was in February. Feel free to reach out to Coach L or Coach Justin with any questions. Good luck trying to defeat our defending champions... The 3 Amigos!