The Investment

The moment someone walks into the gym, I'm invested...

Looking from the outside, the gym is a daunting, unfeeling, and scary place. Heavy weights, lots of equipment, loud music, sweat dripping off unknown people as they make horrible grunts and groans. Why should anyone ever walk into that mess? And why should any person care about the new person in the gym? They have their friends and cliques. The coaches have their clients and responsibilities.

CrossFit is a cult. CrossFit is a clique. CrossFit brainwashes people... why would they accept the new guy/girl?

As a coach, whether actively coaching or not, the moment a new person walks into the gym my one and only goal is to have him/her walk back out a better, happier, stronger, more confident person. I don't care if you've never done a single activity in your life or if you've been playing sports and lifting weights since you were age 2. If you walk into the gym, I want to know what you do, where you're from, who you are. I want to know what motivates you, angers you, and how to encourage you. I want to know your capabilities and push those limits so you can realize you are stronger, faster, mentally tougher than you ever believed possible.

Why should I care? What's in it for me?

Any coach, especially CrossFit coaches and most definitely the coaches at CrossFit Alpharetta, will tell you the joy experienced by any athlete in a CrossFit gym resonates to every member in the box. The exhausted, smiling groan of PR'ing Grace by 1 second. The wide-eyed disbelief of hitting a PR. The shocked expression when getting a first double-under. The squeal of joy at a successful muscle-up. It's infectious! I will HAPPILY spend hours/days/months working with an athlete just to get that momentary glimpse of self-improvement and realization that what was believed impossible is now in fact entirely do-able AND repeatable.

Why am I invested in each and every person that walks through that door? Because the investment yields successes frozen forever in my memory and etched on the walls of the gym. The investment yields better versions of ourselves. The investment yields lasting relationships. The joint investment of coach and athlete yields proud stories of self-accomplishment.

So thank you to each and every member of CrossFit Alpharetta who has decided to invest in themselves. And to each of YOU reading this who will enter that door and invest in your personal improvement. The coaches at CrossFit Alpharetta are ready to match your investment and can't wait to see what it yields.

Coach Dan