Hey CFA Fam!....


Hey CFA Fam!

Well, the workout no one was looking forward to came and is now gone. For some, this workout pointed out some goats. For some, this workout was an opportunity to hit a PR. Whatever the case was for you, celebrate the successes you had! Did you crush the double-unders? Did you get some solid muscle-up practice? Did you get your first pull-up? At the very least, did you gain a better awareness of your current self and now you can develop a plan and goals for the coming months? I certainly hope everyone finds the good in this type of challenge because this is how we grow. Don't hesitate to reach out to any of us coaches for some help with these goats! We're here for you! And please don't wait until a workout like this comes again in next year's OPEN to start practicing those movements that you just don't quite have yet.All that said, here's how the standings shake out:

Team Kali: 567 points
Team Jenn: 592 points

The theme points are pretty close but Team Jenn has a 6-point edge on Team Kali there. Two more weeks for Team Kali to catch back up. This week's difference comes down to participation/posting of scores. Be sure to get your score up on SugarWOD before 1AM on Tuesdays for it to count :)

Rx Men
1st place = Jason Pease
2nd place = Chris Zack
3rd place = Zac Cote

Rx Women
1st place = Meg Bayliss
2nd place = Amber Hudgins
3rd place = Sherrie Horton

Scaled Men
1st place = Jeff Gibbs
2nd place = Will Campbell
3rd place = Will Lamb

Scaled Women
1st place = Michelle Krause
2nd place = Garrett Lewis
3rd place = Mirela Francois

A few shout-outs:Great job to all those athletes that got a muscle-up! This is an exclusive list (that I'm looking forward to seeing grow): Jason Pease, Chris Zack, Zac Cote, Billy Gore (after the workout)& Meg Bayliss! And additional kudos to Meg and Coach Christina for making it all the way to the bar muscle-ups and getting 3 & 5, respectively! Doing so put them in the top 7% of women worldwide!A special shout-out to Kellon Mohan. If you didn't get to see him gut out two separate performances of fighting through the double-unders and going from being able to get 1 or 2 at a time to upwards of 10, you missed something special. We coaches LOVE seeing athletes practice what they aren't great at and getting the satisfaction of continual improvement! Way to go, Kellon!Two more weeks, folks! Some great performances so far and I'm loving seeing everyone pushing outside their comfort zones! Wear your green this Friday or get pinched! We're celebrating St. Patrick's Day and points will be awarded for creative outfits and general green wearing-ness :)

Coach Dan