18.1 is in the books!....


Hey CFA Fam!

18.1 is in the books! Great job by both teams with some fantastic performances and a great amount of team spirit! We had over 72% of athletes perform the workout Rx which is EXTREMELY impressive!

After Week 1, the scores look like this

Team Kali = 150 points

Team Jenn = 153 points

The difference comes out in those that participated in the Theme! Team Jenn had 10 athletes as opposed to Team Kali with 8 athletes. That's a 6 point swing!

Top Performers this week:

Rx Men
1st Place = Jamie Ulmer
2nd Place = Michael Kummer
3rd Place = Charles Tucker
*Each with over 300 reps!

Rx Women
1st Place = Sherrie Horton
2nd Place = Kat Pirri
3rd Place = Michelle Krause

Scaled Men
1st Place = Jeff Gibbs
2nd Place = Ivan Hernandez
3rd Place = Aditya Reddy

Scaled Women
1st Place = Kathy Kummer
2nd Place = Michelle Wetherill
3rd Place = Kelli Munkel

An extra shout-out to Captain Jenn Gideon as she gutted out those T2B to complete her first ever OPEN workout Rx! Way to go, Jenn!!!!Great job to everyone! That was a grueling 20-minute work-out and hopefully that means the long workout is finished for this year! Get ready to show some team pride Friday as we all hit 18.2! Gain your team valuable points by taking part in any class on Friday dressed in your favorite sports team attire!

Keep being awesome, everyone!

CFA Coaches