Teams of 2....




A1 Step Up x6 per leg

F: Light DB Or KB

P: 1 DB/KB Front Rack

S: 2 KB Front Rack

30 sec rest

A2 Strict Pull-ups

F:3 second eccentric 4 reps

P: 4 Reps Weighted

F: 4 Reps Weighted CTB

60 sec rest


Teams of 2

5 Rounds

Double Unders

20 Steps Alternating Lunge

F: 100 Single Unders + Goblet Lunge

P: 30 Double Unders + DB OH Lunge 40/25

S: 50 Double Unders + DB OH Lunge 50/35

Each teammate must complete double unders separately. Lunges are tandem.