A1. 4-5x Pause Front Squat
Rest :10-20
A2. 6x Dual KB Front Rack Lunge /leg
Rest :10-20
A3. :15 Bottom of Push-up Hold 
Rest as needed b/t rounds

F: 6-8x Goblet Squat @32X1 + 6x Single KB Lunge /leg + Bottom of Push Up Hold
P: FS @32X1 + As Rx + As Rx
S: FS @32X1 + As Rx + Bottom of Dip Hold on High Rings


B. 4 sets:
:30 on / :30 off [12 Mins Total]

1. HR Push-ups
2. Hang Squat Cleans
3. Airbike for Cals

F: HR Push-up + 2Db Front Squat -or- MB Clean + AB for Cals
P: Ring Dips + 115 /75 + AB for Cals
S: Ring Muscle Ups + 155/105 + AB for Cals

Score is total combined REPS