A1. 3x 1 and 1/4 Front Squat [Build]
Rest :10-20
A2. 6x Zercher Sandbag Lunge (per leg)
Rest :10-20
A3. Chin Over Bar Hold
*Rest 2:00 b/t sets

F: 4x Single or Dual KB Front Squat @32X2 + 6x KB Lunges + :10-20 Supinated Hold
P: As Rx + :20 Pronated Hold
S: As Rx + :20 Pronated Hold


B. Alternate Every 1:00 x 12:00
Min 1 - 3x Strict Pull Ups 
Min 2 - 12/9x Cal AB
Min 3 - 5x Heavy DB/KB Thruster 

F: 3x Slow Eccentric Pull Up [can be weighted] + 5-7x 2DB Thruster
P: Bodyweight or Weighted 
S: Strict Weighted CtB Pull Ups

-Build to a tough set of 3 reps [Pull Ups]
-Don't have to be unbroken, you have the entire minute