Week 2 is in the books!....


Week 2 is in the books! We had some amazing performances. Randy Johnson is currently sitting in 93rd IN THE WORLD!!! Wrap your head around that??? Top 100 in the 60+ age group is amazing at any stage of the event. Make sure to give him a huge high five when you see him. Coach Eric had a MONSTER 375lb Clean which placed him 4th in the SE and 45th in the world for 18.2a. Sherrie Horton is sitting nicely at 821st in the 35-39 year old age group. Not too shabby! 

Let's get excited for week 3! We are just getting started. See you Friday help your team and come dressed in super hero attire. Remember that you can get bonus points for being in costume by dressing up and having your coach send a photo to Coach Justin... and now to the standings

Team Jenn = 446 points
Team Kali = 431 points


RX Men

1st Place = Jason Pease
2nd Place = Michael Kummer
3rd Place = Randy Johnson

Rx Women

1st Place = Sherrie Horton
2nd Place = Amber Hudgins
3rd Place = Kat Pirri

Scaled Men

1st Place = Jeff Gibbs
2nd Place = Tapan Parikh
3rd Place = Will Campbell

Scaled Women

1st Place = Grace Couch
2nd Place = Mirela Francois
3rd Place = Kathy Kummer


RX Men
1st Place = Billy Gore
2nd Place = Jason Pease & Jamie Ulmer

Rx Women

1st Place = Sherrie Horton
2nd Place = Amber Hudgins & Meg Bayliss

Scaled Men

1st Place = Will Campbell
2nd Place = Jeff Gibbs
3rd Place = Tapan Parikh & Visvesvaran Subramanian

Scaled Women

1st Place = Grace Couch, Mirela Francois, Carrie Mata, & Kathy Kummer