Hey CFA Fam!....


Hey CFA Fam!

Another OPEN season successfully completed! Great job to everyone who participated and crushed these tests of agony that the sadistic Dave Castro put out there. As we've said all along, use this OPEN season as a starting point, not as an end goal. Learn from what worked, what you're capable of, and what you might need just a little more practice with. We all need somewhere to build from and these 5 workouts were a great way to set our expectations for the year. Again, terrific work to everyone involved!Now to what everyone's waiting for: the results. It was a close battle the entire time and I can tell you now, it all came down to Theme bonuses! Special shout out to those of you that got your 1st CTB Pull-ups! Watching Katie Zack get her first and then complete 22 more was astounding! 

Final scores were:

Team Kali - 848 points
Team Jenn - 869 point

sCongrats to Team Jenn! And congrats to both team captains for rallying their teams through the entire process.

A quick score breakdown:

Workout Points
Team Kali = 656 points
Team Jenn = 656 points

Theme Points
Team Kali = 192 points
Team Jenn = 213 points