A1. Single Leg Deadlift x5 each leg: Build

A2. Single Arm Bench Press x5 each arm; build


B1. Mixed Front Rack Farmers Carry x50' each side: L hand low, R hand in front rack/then switch

B2. Kneeling Side MB Throw x5 each side


C. 21-15-9

Russian KBS
Goblet Lunge

F: Light Load
P: 53/35
S: 70/53



3x Strict Press + 5x Push Press:
w/DB or KB each arm; Build up - to tough set each arm


B. 12 min AMRAP
10x Shoulder to Overhead 115/75
10x Pull Up
50x Double Unders

F: DB Push Press + Jumping Pull Up + 100x Jump Rope Passes
P: as rx
S: Each movement unbroken; same loads - no breaking them up!



A. Front Squat Waves

Wave Loaded: one set every 2 min for 12 min Build up first, then

5, 4, 3,
5, 4, 3;

65 75, 85,
70, 80, 85-90+ of 1RM


For time

20 Cal Airbike
20x 2DB Front Squat 20x Burpee Box Jump Over

F: 20 Cal Bike + 20x 1DB Front Squat + 20x Burpee
P: as rx; 40/25 KB's
S: 50/35



A. 12 min alt EMOM First 3 sets build up, then final 3 sets are across at last weeks tough set

A1. Snatch Balance: use first 3 sets to build up, then final 3x3 reps at same load

F: Overhead Squat x3

A2. Snatch Deadlift Use first 3 sets to build up, then 3x5 Reps across


B. 3 min on, 1 min off

start at worst station

1. Snatch/Cleans

F: Hang Power Clean
P: Power Clean 135/95 S: Power Snatch 135/95

rest 1 min

2. Dip/Push Up

F: Push Up
P: Ring Dip
S: Ring Muscle Up

rest 1 min

3. Row for Cals



A. Team/Partner WOD

Teams of 2; 1 person working at a time

20 min AMRAP;

50 Cal Bike
50x KB Box Step Over
50x Overhead Bumper Sit Up
50x Push Up
50x Deadlift
50x OH Walking Lunge total steps

F: Box Step Over + Sit Up + KB DL or Light DL +Lunge
P: 53/35 +185/125 + 25/10 Bumper
S: 70/55 + 225/155 + 45/25 Bumper



Ax4 (15 min)

Back Squat x10 reps build
rest 2-3 min after each

F: 10 reps @30x1 tempo; will be light - dial in technique
P/S: Build


B. 2 min AMRAP, 2 min off

set 1:

3x Front Squat +
3x Strict Pull Ups

F: Goblet Squat + Ring Row
P/S 155/105

set 2:

4x Hang Squat Clean +
4x CtB Pull Ups

F: Russian KB Swing + Ring Row

set 3:

5x Hang Power Clean +
5x Kipping] Pull Ups

F:Russian KB Swing + Ring Row



Ax3(10 min)

A1. Single Leg RDL x8 each leg

F: Split stance RDL x8 each leg

A2. Single Arm Bench Press x8 each arm

Bx3(8 min)

B1. Team of 2 Kneeling Rotation Med ball Throw 5 Per side

B2. Dual Front Rack Carry x100'


C. 4 sets

30 sec hard; Rest 90 sec
increasing effort;
Set 1 is is slowest
set 4 is hardest




A1. 5x Strict Press + 5x Push Press (build)
Rest 30 sec

F: Can use 2DB's or BB
P/S: with Barbell

A2. Hollow rock x15
rest 60 sec


B. 15 min AMRAP;

40x Double Under
20x Sit Ups
10x BB Lunges (front rack)
5x Shoulder to Overhead

F: 80x Single Unders + 20/10/5 reps BB or DB Push Press
P: 95/65
S: 135/95




A1. Front Squats x 5 (rest 30 sec)

F: 8 reps; 30x1 tempo
P/S: Build to tough set of 5 reps

A2.2 DB Bent Over Row x 10 (rest 60 sec)


B. 3 sets; 45 sec on, 15 sec off;

1. Wall Ball
2. Box Jump/Step Down
3. Row for Cal
rest 1 min

F: Light WB + Low BJ or step up + Row
P: 20/14# WB + 24/20" BJ + Row
S: 30/20# WB + 30/24" Box Jump + Row



12 Min Alt EMOM;

4x each station;

(there should be stations for each movement)

A1. Snatch Balance x3 reps: 11x1 Build

F: OHS x5 31x1

P/S: Build to technically sound set of 3

A2. Snatch Deadlift x5 reps: Build

reset each rep.

F: DL/20-30 sec TUT:

P/S: Build

A3. Ring Dips: 20 second for max reps

F/P: Push Ups

S: Ring Dip


B. 7 min AMRAP

Climbing Ladder:

2x DB Power Snatch [alt arms, total reps]

+ 2x Push Up


6+6, etc, etc

F: Russian KBS @moderate load

P: 50/35

S: 70/50



Teams of 3

In 10 min; build to a tough single rep strict press each person - 1 bar per group - must change out weights [just 1 person lifting at a time] 1 pt per total weight lifted

rest 2 min

8 min In teams of 3 row for max calories [1 pt per cal]

rest 2 min

6 min Max rep V-Ups
F: Sit Up

rest 2 min

4 min max 10m shuttle run 1 person running at a time; every 10m is 1 pt.

rest 2 min:

2 min Max rep 45/25# overhead walking lunge 1 pt per rep - all people can go at same time



Filthy 50

50 Reps Each for time;

Box Jump [24/20"] Jumping Pull ups
KB Swings 35/26
Walking Lunges [total steps]
Knees to Elbow
Push Press 45/35
Back Extension [Superman on ground] Wall Ball 20/14
Double Unders

F: [30 min cap] 30 or 40 reps each movement; low BJ or step up + step down Jumping Pull Up +
Light Russian KBS 26/18# walking Lunge
Sit Ups
2DB Push Press Light  Back ext
Wall Ball light
No Push Up Burpee  
100x Single Unders



A. 15 min to find 5RM Sumo Deadlift

F: 8RM 2020 tempo Sumo DL
P/S: 5RM 2020 tempo Sumo DL


B. 10 min AMRAP Climbing Ladder; 1x 1DB Power snatch Each arm + 1x 1DB OH Lunge Each leg 1x 1DB Overhead Sit Up

F: 1x Russian KBS + 1x KB Lunge each leg + 1x Sit Up
P: 50/35
S: 2KB Power Snatch + 2kb OH Lunge + 2KB OH Sit Up



A. 15 min to find 5RM Close Grip Floor Press

F: 8RM: 30x1 [BB or 2DB's]
P: Build to 5RM 30x1
S: Build to 5RM 30x1


Biking Jackie-ish

50/40 Cal Bike
50 Push Ups  
30 Hang Power Clean

F: 3x 12/8 + 15x Push Ups + 10 Light HPC
P: 60% of 1RM HPC
S: 60% of 1RM Hang Power clean + Ring Dips