Disappointment... For Time!

I think we have all been there. We are looking at the clock count down, thinking of how we are going to approach the workout. 3...2...1... Go! Then, the wheels fall off. Your set of 10 turns into a set 3, and then, a set of 2, then a set of 1. "What's going on? Why can't I string these together?! I'm horrible..." The time keeps going as you try to gather yourself. "My hands hurt. The bar keeps bouncing away from me!" And, "Time!" "Way slower than I was hoping- I suck at this!" Last week was the first time I have done conditioning in a while. It brought back some good feelings but also a lot of bad. I put expectations on myself relative to how I've performed in the past. When I don't meet those expectations, I consider myself a failure. I totally discount all the work I just did. "I didn't do it fast enough. I didn't go heavy enough." My mind is filled with constant down thought and negative speak.  I've noticed that even when I PR, I think to myself, "I could have gone faster or heavier." Why can't we be happy with the effort we put in? Why can't we embrace the fact that we showed up and did it?! We just did something that is beneficial to our bodies.

I often wonder if doing everything "for time" puts undue stress on us as athletes. A big part of why we workout is to do something that makes us look and feel better. If we are constantly disappointed with our performance, we are missing the "feel better" part. I am going to try to put my focus into the journey and not the initial outcome. Embrace the fact that I just did 50 power snatches and not the fact that I did it much slower than I expected.

I challenge you:  look at things from a different perspective the next time you find yourself disappointed with your results in the gym. Look at where you've come from and how far you've come!  Embrace the accomplishment! Celebrate what comes of showing up and giving your all, even if it doesn't result in a PR or a "win." All I can ask as a Coach is that you show up and work hard!

Coach Justin