Is your Coach a Great Coach?

Welcome to the first of many blogs from myself and the other Coaches. You'll find many helpful topics ranging from mental strength, diet, training tips, and just about anything else that may inspire us to write. Without further ado, here we go! I hear athletes often talk about their Coaches as if they are infallible, which often makes me wonder:

What makes a great Coach? 

While I place the utmost respect on people that continue to hone their craft, I firmly believe that a great Coach isn't created in a weekend course. A great Coach is created through years of trial and error. A great Coach is constantly evolving and experimenting on his clients. At it's core, a great Coach wants what is best for his athletes and won't compromise just to make a few bucks. Each great Coach comes to his belief system based on the Coaches he or she has come into contact with. Search for a Coach that seeks out knowledge from coaches who know more than he or she does; a coach that is constantly asking questions; a coach that doesn't dismiss an athlete's questions or disregard their goals as stupid.  Find Coaches who will build you up but keep you based in reality. A great Coach will keep you moving towards attainable goals and bring you back down to earth when you choose something that is out of your reach for now. A great Coach realizes "there is more than one way to skin a cat," and they see there are often times no right or wrong answer to a problem. However, there is an optimal way to get a person from A to Z. 

When looking for a gym to place yourself, make sure you are searching for qualities a prospective, GREAT COACH possesses. Find that person, believe in the program, work your ass off, and you'll be on your way to success! 

I will continue to seek information to make all of my athletes the best they can be. I will become a Great Coach!

Coach Justin