A. One Set every 2 min for 10 min: 3x Power Clean + 3x Front Squat + 3x Push Jerk; Build to tough set:

F: 5x Front Squat + 5x Push Press[DB or BB]
P/S: As Rx; Touch & Go


B.4x Score Lowest
45 sec per station, rest 15 sec to rotate start at weakest station
1. Hang Power Clean
2. Weighted Lunge
3. Overhead Press

F: Light HPC + 2DB Suitcase Lunge + 2DB Seated Press
P: HPC 115/75 + 2DB Front Rack Lunge + 2DB Shoulder to Overhead
S: HPC 155/105 + 2DB Lunge [1 front rack, 1OH] + Strict HSPU