12 Min Alt EMOM;

4x each station;

(there should be stations for each movement)

A1. Snatch Balance x3 reps: 11x1 Build

F: OHS x5 31x1

P/S: Build to technically sound set of 3

A2. Snatch Deadlift x5 reps: Build

reset each rep.

F: DL/20-30 sec TUT:

P/S: Build

A3. Ring Dips: 20 second for max reps

F/P: Push Ups

S: Ring Dip


B. 7 min AMRAP

Climbing Ladder:

2x DB Power Snatch [alt arms, total reps]

+ 2x Push Up


6+6, etc, etc

F: Russian KBS @moderate load

P: 50/35

S: 70/50