A. 12 min alt EMOM First 3 sets build up, then final 3 sets are across at last weeks tough set

A1. Snatch Balance: use first 3 sets to build up, then final 3x3 reps at same load

F: Overhead Squat x3

A2. Snatch Deadlift Use first 3 sets to build up, then 3x5 Reps across


B. 3 min on, 1 min off

start at worst station

1. Snatch/Cleans

F: Hang Power Clean
P: Power Clean 135/95 S: Power Snatch 135/95

rest 1 min

2. Dip/Push Up

F: Push Up
P: Ring Dip
S: Ring Muscle Up

rest 1 min

3. Row for Cals