Rest Days were the best days... now I sip protein when I'm thirstay!

I see a lot of athletes from all disciplines (CrossFit, Powerlifting, Weightlifting, etc.) training hard when they would make significantly more progress if they trained a bit smarter. Most folks look at working out like everything else in their life, "If I do that extra set of cleans, I'll get stronger." "If I do that extra metcon, I'll be more conditioned." "If I put in an extra 10 hours in the office, I'll get that promotion." I used to think the same way until I started to experience issues due to over-training/under recovering. Your body gives you signals when you need rest. Unfortunately, you may not notice most of the signals until it's too late. I have been dealing with some tricep tendinitis for 6 months. Tendinitis, for me, came after a few weeks of feeling tired and sore. I ignored the issue and trained through it- BIG mistake! Once that happened, just a few rest days would not do the trick! If I had listened to my body and trained smarter instead of harder in the beginning, I may not have come to a point that my body refuses to make progress. Sleep, diet, stress, and genetics all play a role in how we recover. "Rich Froning does this, so if I do that, I will go to the games." WRONG! He was born with the genes that allow him to train multiple times per day while eating fairly poorly and still exhibit amazing gains in the gym. You and I are not Rich Froning. Accept it, move on, and learn what it takes for you to make the most out of what you were born with. None of us recover at the same rate as someone else, so comparing yourself to another person is setting yourself up for failure. For example, I cannot train much more than 4 days a week without feeling extremely sore and lethargic. I lift heavy very frequently, my diet isn't perfect as I don't eat enough most days, and my sleep and stress levels are not where they need to be. All of these factors play into why I succeed or fail in any given workout.

We need to make a better effort at prioritizing our rest, diet, and stress levels. Mastering those areas will not only help you in the gym, but you will feel amazing just about everywhere in life. Take my advice- train hard, and rest like a champion!












Coach Justin