Saturday 7.11.2015


Team of 2 Deck of Cards:
Clubs = Burpees
Spades = Ring Row
Diamonds = Squat
Hearts = KB Swing
Aces = 40m Buddy Carry (each partner carries 40m)

Friday 6.26.2015

wodSTRENGTH15 min to find 25’ Heavy Farmers Carry

CONDITIONING 21-15-9 Wall Balls 20/14 Weighted 20’ Box Step Overs 53/35

Finisher 3 x 10 Barbell Reverse Lunge 3 x 30 Hollow Rock

COMPETITION *12/11 ft for Wall Balls 40 Toe to Bar in as few sets as possible

Sunday 6.21.2015

wodCONDITIONING5 Rounds: 10 Burpees 25’ Farmers Carry 10 Burpees 25’ Farmers Carry 

Sunday 4.12.2015

wodCONDITIONING6 Rounds: 50’ Farmers Carry 10 Burpees *Rest as needed. Increase weight of farmers carry each round.

Sunday 3.1.2015

wodCONDITIONING5 Rounds: 1 min KB Front Rack Walk RIGHT 1 min Reverse Sled Drag 1 min KB Front Rack Walk LEFT

Complete for distance. Keep track of laps- down and back.

Saturday 2.7.2015

wod CONDITIONING 20 min Partner AMRAP: Run 400m as a Team 50’ Heavy Farmers Carry 10 Burpees

Partner one completes farmers carry and burpees while partner two rests. Switch. Then, start back at the run together.

Sunday 1.11.2015

wodSTRENGTH15 min to work up to Heavy Farmers Carry 50’

CONDITIONING 5 Rounds: Farmer Carry 50’ (heavy) ME Toe to Bar *score is T2B

Saturday 11.29.2014

wod CONDITIONING Strongman Saturday 10 min at each station Yoke 50’ Log Clean Axle Deadlift Sled Drag 50’

10 min to work to heavy at each station 

Saturday 11.1.2014

wod CONDITIONING 20 min AMRAP in Teams of 2: 40m Shuttle Sled Drag 20m Front Rack KB Carry 20m Bear Crawl