full snatch

Tuesday 3.24.2015

wodSTRENGTH15 min to find HEAVY Snatch of any type

CONDITIONING For Time: 600m Run 30 Power Snatch 95/65 600m Run

Finisher 50 Body Saw

Tuesday 2.3.2015

wodSTRENGTH15 min to find Heavy Snatch + OHS

CONDITIONING Death By: 1 Power Snatch @95/65 5 Pull-Ups *add 1 Power Snatch each minute until failure

Finisher 100 Band Pull Downs

COMPETITION *CTB Pull-Ups 5 x 3 Snatch Grip Deadlift (light)

Tuesday 12.9.2014

wodSTRENGTH15 min to find Heavy Power Snatch + Hang Snatch

CONDITIONING Every 2 min for 20 min: 3 Power Snatch 95/65 80m Shuttle run

Finisher Turkish Get Ups 5 x 3 per side

COMPETITION 10 minutes work to a heavy Snatch Balance