Wednesday 7.15.2015


1RM Front Squat


4 Rounds:
10 Russian KB Swing 53/35
10 Front Rack KB Lunge L
10 Russian KB Swing 53/35
10 Front Rack KB Lunge R

3 x 15 Banded Ab Curls3 x 30 Sit Ups 


12-9-6 Back Squat Bodyweight HSPU

Thursday 6.11.2015

wodSTRENGTH10 min EMOM: 3 Hang Power Snatch @ 55%

CONDITIONING 4 Rounds of 30 sec on/off a. 10m Shuttle b. Mountain Climbers c. Hollow Rocks d. DB Snatch R e. DB Snatch L

Sunday 5.17.2015


Sunday 3.1.2015

wodCONDITIONING5 Rounds: 1 min KB Front Rack Walk RIGHT 1 min Reverse Sled Drag 1 min KB Front Rack Walk LEFT

Complete for distance. Keep track of laps- down and back.

Tuesday 2.10.2015

wodSTRENGTH20 min to find 1RM Clean and Jerk

CONDITIONING 10 min AMRAP: 200m Sprint 10 DB Hang Clean and Split Jerk R/L 40/30

Finisher 3 x 5 Turkish Get Up R/L

COMPETITION 8 x 3 Clean Pulls @105%

Thursday 12.11.2014

wod CONDITIONING 5 Rounds: a. 1-Arm KB Swing LEFT x10 b. 1-Arm KB Swing RIGHT x10 c. Slasher LEFT x10 d. Slasher RIGHT x10 e. KB Hang High Pull x10 f.  1-Arm KB OHS LEFT x10 g. 1-Arm KB OHS RIGHT x10 *2 min rest between rounds


Thursday 10.23.2014

wodSTRENGTH10 min EMOM:  Power Snatch + Snatch (medium light)

CONDITIONING 40 Double Unders 40 DB Snatch 40/30 R/L 30 Double Unders 30 DB Snatch 20 Double Unders 20 DB Snatch 10 Double Unders 10 DB Snatch