Sunday 7.12.2015


3 x 400m Sprint
*3 min Rest*


For Time:
75 Med Ball Clean 20/14
75 Wall Ball 20/14

Monday 6.1.2015

wodSTRENGTH/SKILLA. 3 RM Bench Press B. 2 x ME Close Grip @50% of above

CONDITIONING 10 min AMRAP: 20 Med Ball Thrusters 20/14 400m Run

Finisher 3 x 90 sec Plank

COMPETITION 3 x 45 sec DB Tricep Ext. 3 x ME Strict HSPU 3 x ME Strict Pull-Up

Saturday 5.16.2015



As a Team of 2

4 Rounds for Time: 50  Med Ball Clean 20/14 50 Wall Ball 20/14 400m Run *Team must complete cleans before you move on to wall balls. Work can be split anyway. The 400m run must be completed together.

Saturday 4.4.2015

wod CONDITIONING Teams of 2 20 min AMRAP: 400m Med Ball Run 40 Over-The-Rig Partner Wall Balls (20 per person)

Sunday 2.22.2015

wodCONDITIONING15 min AMRAP: 20 Med Ball Clean 20/14 200m Shuttle Sprint

Thursday 1.15.2015

wodSTRENGTH/SKILL1000m Run for Time

CONDITIONING Tabata for Reps: Wall Ball Shot 20/14 2 min rest Med Ball Thruster 20/14

Finisher 3 x ME Plank (no more than 3 min per attempt)

Monday 12.15.2014

wodSTRENGTHA. 10 min EMOM: 3 Front Squat @ 75% B. 3 x 10 Seated Box Jump 24/20

CONDITIONING For Time: 21-15-9 Wall Ball HRPU 21-15-9 Ring Row Med Ball Sit Up

Finisher 50 Back Ext 25 GHD Sit Ups

COMPETITION *12/11 foot Wall Balls 200 Double Unders for time

Saturday 12.13.2014

wod CONDITIONING Teams of 2 For Time: 100 Wall Ball 1000m Row 100 Med Ball Clean 1000m Row

1 member works at at a time. Work can be broken in any way. Movements must be done in order.

Sunday 11.30.2014

wod CONDITIONING “Mad Max” For time: 150 Med Ball Cleans *5 Burpees every time you break

Thanksgiving 11.27.2014


CONDITIONING Earn your Turkey!

Deck of Cards Workout Teams of 2

Hearts = Wall Balls Diamonds = Burpees Spades = Jumping Lunges Clubs = Med Ball Cleans Joker = Both Members Run 400m

Tuesday 10.28.2014

wodSTRENGTH15 min to find heavy Muscle Snatch + Power Snatch

CONDITIONING For Time: 600m Run 30 MB Thrusters 400m Run 20 MB Thrusters 200m Run 10 MB Thrusters

Finisher 2 rounds per side of 1 min Side Plank

Sunday 10.12.2014

wodSTRENGTH200m Sprint 3 min rest 200m Sprint 

CONDITIONING For time: 1000m Run 50 Med Ball Cleans

Tuesday 9.9.2014

wodSTRENGTH15 min to find 1RM Power Clean and Jerk

CONDITIONING For Time: 1000m Row 50 Medicine Ball Thruster 20/14 30 Toe 2 Bar

Finisher 6 min Plank  

Saturday 9.6.2014

wod CONDITIONING Team Running “Karen”

3 Rounds for Time as a Team: 400m Run w/ Medball 50 Wall Balls 20/14

*1 medball per team. You can alternate the medball on the run and wall balls as you like. 

Saturday 1.3.2015

wod CONDITIONING Team of 2: 200m Run 20 Wall Balls 20 Push Ups 400m Run 40 Wall Balls 40 Push Ups 800m Run 80 Wall Balls 80 Push Ups

*Run as a team with your med ball. You can partition workout reps anyway.