medball clean

Saturday 5.16.2015



As a Team of 2

4 Rounds for Time: 50  Med Ball Clean 20/14 50 Wall Ball 20/14 400m Run *Team must complete cleans before you move on to wall balls. Work can be split anyway. The 400m run must be completed together.

Sunday 2.22.2015

wodCONDITIONING15 min AMRAP: 20 Med Ball Clean 20/14 200m Shuttle Sprint

Saturday 12.13.2014

wod CONDITIONING Teams of 2 For Time: 100 Wall Ball 1000m Row 100 Med Ball Clean 1000m Row

1 member works at at a time. Work can be broken in any way. Movements must be done in order.

Sunday 11.30.2014

wod CONDITIONING “Mad Max” For time: 150 Med Ball Cleans *5 Burpees every time you break