partner workouts

Saturday 7.18.2015


Team of 2:
20 Tandem T2B
200m Run
40 Tandem Alternating DB Snatch 
400m Run 
60 Tandem KB Swing
600m Run

Both team members complete the work at the same time. Reps only count if they are completed in a tandem fashion.

Saturday 11.22.2014

wod WOD WITH MOM & DAD @ 9:30Am

Workout will be announced when you arrive and will be scaleable to any age! 

followed by normal class @ 10:30Am

Regular adult Class


3 Rounds 5 min AMRAP 2 min Rest 

Bulgarian Bag Clean

Bear Crawl down Back Pedal back

Partner 1 does max reps of cleans while other partner does 4 rounds of bear crawl 25’, back pedal back 25’. Partners switch after 4 rounds of bear crawl/back pedal