rowing machine

Saturday 12.7.2014

wod CONDITIONING 5 rounds on the 5 min: 200m Row 5 Jumping Squats 45/35 5 Push Press 45/35 5 Jumping Squats 5 Push Press -All out sprint for each movement!


Friday 11.14.2014

wodSTRENGTHA. 15 min to find 3 RM Floor Press Mid-Grip B. 60% AMAP x 2

CONDITIONING For Time: “Jackie” 1000m Row 50 Thrusters 45/35 30 Pull-Ups

Finisher 100 Face Pulls

COMPETITION 5 Rounds: 5 CTB Pull Ups + 5 T2B (do not come off the bar) 6 Rope Climbs

Saturday 10.4.2014

wod CONDITIONING 3 Partner Per Team

25 min AMRAP: 200m Sled Drag (light) Calorie Row Wall Ball

1 partner pulls sled 200m while other partners accumulate calorie on the row and wall ball reps. Rowing and wall ball partners can switch at any time. Sled partner must finish 200m before switching.