team wod

Saturday 7.18.2015


Team of 2:
20 Tandem T2B
200m Run
40 Tandem Alternating DB Snatch 
400m Run 
60 Tandem KB Swing
600m Run

Both team members complete the work at the same time. Reps only count if they are completed in a tandem fashion.

Saturday 7.11.2015


Team of 2 Deck of Cards:
Clubs = Burpees
Spades = Ring Row
Diamonds = Squat
Hearts = KB Swing
Aces = 40m Buddy Carry (each partner carries 40m)

Saturday 7.4.2015



Teams of 2:
800m Run Buy-In
4 Rounds:
50 Sit-Ups
25 Deadlifts 225/135

Saturday 6.20.2015

wod CONDITIONING Teams of 2 4 Rounds: 400m Run 100 Squats 50 Push Ups

Tuesday 6.16.2015

wodSTRENGTH15 min to find Heavy Hang Snatch High Pull + Hang Snatch High Pull + Hang Power Snatch

CONDITIONING Partner WOD 10 Rounds (5 per partner) 90 sec Rounds 6 Power Snatch 95/65 ME Calorie Row *Score is calories. Partners alternate full rounds.

Finisher 3 x 12 KB/DB Oblique Bends

COMPETITION 3 Rounds: 10 T2B 3 Rope Climbs

Wednesday 6.10.2015

wodSTRENGTH5RM Close Grip Bench

CONDITIONING 10 Rounds (Partners alternate rounds): 90 seconds 250m/200m Row ME Pull-Ups *Score is Pull-Ups

Finisher 3 x 15 Barbell Seated Clean and Press 45/35 3 x ME Ring Push Up

COMPETITION 3 Rounds: 10 HSPUs 5 Muscle Ups

4 x 25 Band Pull Aparts

Saturday 6.6.2015

wod CONDITIONING Team of 2 for Reps 4 Rounds: Partner A - 2 Min Row for Cal Partner B - 2 Min Russian KB Swing 53/35

Partner B - 2 Min Row for Cal Partner A - 2 Min Russian KB Swing 53/35

Score is reps and calories.

Friday 5.22.2015

wodCLOSED SUNDAY, MAY 24 AND MONDAY, MAY 25 FOR MEMORIAL WEEKEND STRENGTH A. 12 x 2 Back Squat w/ 2 Sec Pause @ 60% B. 3 x 10 Box Jump 30/24 


16 min AMRAP: 25 Double Unders Russian KB Swing 53/35 *1 partner works at a time for 1 minute. Do the double unders, & then, spend the rest of the minute accumulating Russian KB swings. Score is KB swing.

Saturday 5.16.2015



As a Team of 2

4 Rounds for Time: 50  Med Ball Clean 20/14 50 Wall Ball 20/14 400m Run *Team must complete cleans before you move on to wall balls. Work can be split anyway. The 400m run must be completed together.

Monday 5.11.2015

wodSTRENGTHA. 15 min to find 1RM Push Press B. 2 x ME @50% of above 

CONDITIONING Team WOD 18 min AMRAP: 150/100m Row ME Burpees *Team members work for 1 minute then switch. Score is burpees.

Finisher 3 x ME Strict Pull-Ups 

COMPETITION 10 min Handstand Walk practice 10 Rope Climbs for time

Saturday 5.9.2015

wod CONDITIONING Team Grissabelle

6 Rounds: 10 Clean and Jerks 135/95 10 Power Snatch 135/95 *Work must be evenly divided. Each member must do 30 of each movement.

Saturday 5.2.2015

wodWORKOUT WITH MOM & DAD @ 9.30am CONDITIONING Teams of 4 Deck of Cards Aces- 400m Run completed together Clubs- Jumping Squats Spades- Mountain Climbers Hearts- Burpees Diamonds- Sit Ups



Saturday 4.25.2015

wod CONDITIONING Teams of 3

For Time: 10,000m Row -Active Rest- Wall Sit Plank *1 partner rows, 1 partner performs wall sit, 1 partner planks. Rowing can only happen while partners are in a plank and wall sit. Switch as often as possible.

Saturday 4.18.2015

wod CONDITIONING Teams of 2 For time: 400m Run 200 Squats 100 Burpees 200 Squats 400m Run *movements must be done in order but can be broken up between partners in any way. Run is completed as partners.

Saturday 4.11.2015

wodSTRENGTH10 min Thruster work (extended warmup- go heavier than what you will use in wod)

CONDITIONING Teams of 2 120 Thrusters 95/65 120 Toe 2 Bar

Work can be done in any order and broken any way

Saturday 4.4.2015

wod CONDITIONING Teams of 2 20 min AMRAP: 400m Med Ball Run 40 Over-The-Rig Partner Wall Balls (20 per person)

Thursday 4.2.2015

wodSTRENGTH10 min EMOM:  3 Power Snatch @70%

CONDITIONING Team Sled Drag 14 min AMRAP: Sled Drag Down/Back 20 Alternating DB Snatch 40/30 (10 per side)

Thursday 3.26.2015

wodSTRENGTH15 min to find Full Clean + Front Squat

CONDITIONING Partner WOD 20 min AMRAP: 150/100m Row 10 Power Cleans 135/95

Finisher 2 x ME Plank (no more than 4 min each)

Wednesday 3.18.2015

wodSTRENGTHA. 8 x 3 Push Jerk @ 60% B. 3 x 12 Seated DB Press

CONDITIONING 20 min Team AMRAP: 400m Run ME Pull Ups -Partners alternate full rounds.

Finisher 100 Band Pull Aparts

Wednesday 3.11.2015

wodSTRENGTHA. 15 min to find 3RM Front Squat B. Weighted Box Jumps 3 x 8 (Light DB)

CONDITIONING 14 min AMRAP Partner WOD: 25 Squats Row 200m/150m