team workouts

Friday 7.3.2015


12 x 3 Floor Press @65% (Wide/Middle/Close)


Team Workout:
8 Rounds Total
90 Second Rounds of:
200m/300m Row
ME Push Press 115/75

3 x ME Strict Chin Ups
4 x 25 Band Pull Aparts


3 min ME Ring Muscle Up
*3 min Rest*
3 min ME Bar Muscle Up

Monday 12.22.2014

wodSTRENGTHA. 15 min to find 1rm Close Grip Bench Press B. 3 x ME Push-Ups

CONDITIONING Teams of 2 5 Rounds per person 2 min to: Row 20 Calories/15 Calories ME Pull-Ups *Teammates alternate rounds

Finisher 100 Face Pulls


Saturday 11.22.2014

wod WOD WITH MOM & DAD @ 9:30Am

Workout will be announced when you arrive and will be scaleable to any age! 

followed by normal class @ 10:30Am

Regular adult Class


3 Rounds 5 min AMRAP 2 min Rest 

Bulgarian Bag Clean

Bear Crawl down Back Pedal back

Partner 1 does max reps of cleans while other partner does 4 rounds of bear crawl 25’, back pedal back 25’. Partners switch after 4 rounds of bear crawl/back pedal