A. 10 min Alt EMOM Build [5x each]

A1. Dip x3 reps;

F: Box Dip x6-8 reps; 30x1
P: 3 reps weighted; do eccentric for each rep they cannot get
S: Build to tough set of 3 reps weighted

A2. Hang Power Clean x3 reps; Build

F: Hang Power Clean x5 reps
P/S: Build


B. 13 min AMRAP Climbing Ladder: increasing reps each round

2x Hang Power Clean + 4x Push Up +10x Double Unders then increase to:

4/8/20... 6/12/30... 8/16/40... 10/20/50... 12/24/60...

F: 2x KB Swing + 2x Push Up + 20x Single Under, then 4/4/40, etc
P: 95/65
S: 135/95