Monthly Membership rates



3 Classes per week 

(12 Classes per month)


Couples' Unlimited

(2 Unlimited Memberships)


Drop-in Visitors

(From another CrossFit Affiliate)

$20 Per Visit 

Please arrive 10 minutes early to fill out our waiver. If you are visiting for a longer period of time, we offer a 12 pack of classes for $175. 

Facility Fee

Each July, members will be charged a $50 facility fee. 100% of the funds will go toward new equipment for the gym. One fee will be charged per family and not per person. 

Private/Small Group Coaching

Email justin@crossfitalpharetta.com for details!

Cancellation Policy

We require a written 30 day notice to cancel any of our memberships. Your commitment will renew if we do not recieve a notice of cancellation. If you do cancel your membership and return (which we hope you do!), you will be subject to current pricing. 

CrossFit Alpharetta does not share any customer information with any third parties.

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